Features of Quality Browning Gun powder

The starting of the metal powder coating basic melt extrusion method is used for production,Guest Posting with the conventional manufacturing manner similar to powder coating, powder coating uncooked materials in an expansion of brought metals in the pigments, and alliant gunpowder excessive-velocity pre-dispersion, soften extrusion, compression crushing, milling and screening, the gadget become completed. The approach is straightforward technique, metal powder pigment and binder to gain sufficient blending and bonding, however because of the presence of high-temperature manner (one hundred thirty ) extrusion, excessive shear grinding, ensuing in the partial oxidation of the metallic pigment floor, deformation or particleboard became beaten, ensuing in look of the coating metallic or no steel gray color effect.

In order to improve the advent of the coating effect, steel powder supplierimproves the pigment manufacturing procedure, manufacturing technique the use of an inert gasoline, the steel pigment debris coated floor protection treatment, substantially progressed high-temperature corrosion-resistant steel paint potential; powder production operators within the ground into powder and then add a small quantity of steel within the paint, then a simple dry blending manner to gain the motive of improving product look. Although all efforts have been taken, but in the end, most effective suitable for the manufacturing of a small quantity of metal powder coating merchandise, along with flash powder coating (shimmering silver impact), hammer powder coating.

Initial dry mixing the metal pigment production system is to feature pre-processed powder based compound, mixed with high-velocity blending dispersed facilities into completed products, the benefits of the approach can be well dispersed steel paint with out adverse paint particle shape, paint chip floating and directional abilities into complete play, highlighting the impact of metal coating. The obvious lack of pigment debris and binder debris of each bodily properties (such as density, shape) vary substantially, and there is no bond among the two adsorption in fluid, spray charged, electrostatic adsorption produced for the duration of the separation, resulting in coating specific appearance and coloration film, recycled powder pigment content expanded substantially because of the metallic recycling is difficult to apply, there are commonly accumulated powder gun tip, put the shock humans, guns and other burning issues.

The hassle for the dry-mix equipment and dry-mix technique of development and perfection of the bottom cloth for tablets and powder pigment particle separation troubles, technical group of workers has developed a hybrid heating (hot blend generation, additionally called bonding generation) production process, is to metallic powder pigments and binders brought blending tank (reactor), the jacket to pass into the new water or warm oil on the pot (kettle) body warmth, even as combined dispersion while heating the fabric, whilst the usage of inert gas protection measures, In a certain temperature (50 ~ 60 ) powder base fabric particles and the steel surface step by step soften and convey pigment movie adhesion, adhesion after a certain time, the steel powder material cooled to room temperature, then powder processing, screening is completed. Material structures are one of a kind due to distinctive manufacturers the usage of warm blend warm mix manner and equipment have distinctive, but the warmth acquired by means of mixing the metallic powder coating movie appearance of its merchandise has progressed drastically.