Feelings Bridge to the Intuition

I’m transmitting my cosmic energies to you, which can range due to Mother Earth’s 365.25 day annual cycle. Those of you that had been born throughout my zodiac month’s reign are transmitters for my energies throughout your lifestyles. On your birthday, my energies will stimulate another Pisces facet of yourself to find out and actualize for your lifestyles for the duration of the subsequent year. For the 11 different zodiac signs and symptoms, do avail yourself of my energies. Fill yourself up with the aid of embracing and connecting with me throughout this month.

Pisces Was the Leader for 2100 Years

For those born before 1994, you incarnated all through my cosmic reign of 2100 years once I turned into chief of the zodiac, governing all of the different zodiac symptoms who have been expressing my energies in addition to theirs.

Taking the Best with You

All of you born after 1850, you lived your life all through the transition time of after I turned into mentoring and turning over my reign to Aquarius. Aquarius become so keen to research and take over, that the turn over took less than a hundred and fifty years. The cause I’m telling you this, if you have been born in the transition period, of 1850-1994, a part of your future changed into to assist dismantle all of the extremes or misuse of my energies. As well, you have been destine to take the high- 12 astrology zodiac signs dates, meanings and compatibilityquality of my energies, my generation and spot that it failed to get thrown away, but adapted, reformed to be in alignment with the Aquarian Age.

No Responsibility for Era Gone Past

For those born after 1994, you have no such obligation for the era long past beyond; you are to actualize your self, utilizing completely the Aquarian Age energies. Aquarius is now the facilitator, the mentor and I’m the scholar adapting my energies to the Aquarian Age. I adore being a pupil once more whilst concurrently being a instructor, down pouring my energies on all who reply to me.

Water is The Most Natural Receptor

The maximum herbal receptors and transmitters for my strength is water; consisting of the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds with all their fish and mammals who stay in the water, in addition to people who live close to the water’s facet. Those of you that have gravitated to the water for your livelihood or ought to stay near water are also most aware of my loving, giving energies.

Water is a herbal conductor, a connector to your feelings that bridges on your instinct. Without sufficient water, you shrivel; have to cling to what from the past, unable to be fluid and adapt. Your emotions are of a vibration it is greater dying-like than full of life, vim and power; so preserve water by means of you all of the time, sipping ever so slowly, savoring its energies.

Moon Goddess

The Moon Goddess, on her New and Full Moon times, additionally makes use of water as a conductor and transmitter of her moonbeams. So now not handiest in the course of my zodiac month, but all yr lengthy, throughout the Moon Goddess’s New and Full Moon times, you may additionally greater easily access your intuition via the hook up of your feelings thru the conductor of water.

While You Are Sleeping

I transmit my cosmic energies maximum without problems to you whilst you’re slumbering as you dream. I have to let you know it is so a whole lot easier to educate you via your goals, whilst your frame is dormant, recharging itself. You usually want to get enough sleep so your body can recharge, otherwise it begins to brief out all through the day leaving you frazzled and pressured. During my zodiac month, no longer simplest does your frame get recharged, your focus is being charged with my vibrations and messages through your desires which you can deliver into your waking focus if your body is charged sufficient to keep my energies.

When You Awaken

If while you wake up and slowly sip a tumbler of water at the same time as poised with a pen and pad which you left via your bedside before going to bed, you’ve got a excellent risk of bringing in your aware mind at least fragments of your desires. It’s not the details of the goals which can be important, it’s the energies, the emotions which might be surging via your frame that you need to get in touch with. Then you will be capable of extra consciously guide the activities of your existence, because it’s emotions which are the catalyst for all of your moves. If you don’t experience like doing some thing, you will just undergo the motions, with success commonly held at bay till you could conjure up some passion.