How to get the money of same day cash loan on same day

As the name suggests, people can apply for the same day loan and get their funds on the same day of approval.

Many lending companies or lender guarantee that you will surely get the urgent funds on the same day of approval through same day loans, but stay aware the convenience of a loan have come at a cost, and funding of this loan may not be on the same day.

Same day cash loans are also known as payday loans or emergency loans. If you are getting the same day loan, you should know how to get the loan funds on the same day. In this article, you will learn how to receive the same day loan amount on the same day.

How do I get money same day?

There are many ways through which you can get the same day loan amount instantly or within hours.

  1. Get cash

Lending companies or payday lenders with stable funds can disburse the loan amount to you in cash. It involved the additional restrictions or requirements that allow you to get money in cash form instantly.

  1. Get money on an eligible debit card.

Using a debit card, lenders or storefronts can transfer your loan amount directly into your debit card. The best thing is that you are also expected to receive the same day loan amount on your debit card within minutes of the loan request.

Remember that some lenders charge fees to disburse the loan amount immediately to your debit card.

  1. Wire transfer and bank wires

The most common form of money transfer is bank wires and wire transfer, and the same day cash loans methods are also available.

Usually, it takes some hours for your bank to show that the wire is proceeding in the checking or savings account of the recipient, even if the lender already sends your money,

  1. Same day or instant transfers

There are some lenders or financial institutions that are available for same day transfer. It involves the three-time settlement in the day, and the bank should support the loan process to outstand the request three times per day.

For example, if you get the Same day cash loan approval in the morning and the funding transaction is sent by 9:30 am. Then with the same day or instant transfers, the request for a loan will be processed around 1 pm on the same day.


Same day loans are the best option for those who are in an emergency or want to meet their urgent funds. But keep in mind that you cannot apply for the same day loan through a bank.