Mushroom Rice Recipe

Planning time: 30 min. | Serves 2 people

This Mushroom Rice Recipe is many times called Mushroom Rice Pilaf as it is ready similarly as pilaf is cooked. You can set it up either in hamburger stock or chicken stock, in this recipe chicken stock is utilized. This mushroom pilaf gives great taste just when new mushrooms are utilized rather than canned mushrooms however some way or another on the off chance that you are utilizing canned psychedelic edibles for sale mushroom then you don’t have to cook it before rice and you should gather mushrooms and rice into a single unit. This mushroom rice is typically presented with any curry like vegetable curry, chicken curry, and so forth yet it can likewise be presented with plain yogurt and mushroom soup.

Elements for Mushroom Rice Recipe:

2 tablespoon spread or margarine

2 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 cinnamon stick

2 cloves

2 inlet leaves

1 dark cardamom

1½ cup hacked onion

1½ cup new mushrooms (cut)

¾ cup uncooked long grain rice (absorbed water for 30 min)

1½ cup chicken stock

1/8 teaspoon dark pepper

Salt to taste

Cooking Guidelines For Mushroom Rice Recipe:

1. Take a profound sauce dish or pot, heat spread and oil together in the container and broil onions in it till become light brilliant in variety.

2. At the point when onion begins to transform into brilliant add cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and inlet leaves and mix tenderly to cook for few moments till charming simmering smell begins to come from the flavors.

3. Then add mushrooms and cook for 5 min with half cup of water (if fundamental) so onion wouldn’t transform into dull brown in variety.

4. At the point when mushrooms become half finished, add chicken stock and carry the blend to bubble over high intensity.

5. After that add rice, salt and pepper and cook over high intensity till water begins to assimilate in the endlessly rice go onto the surface.

6. Then diminish the fire to low, cover the top of the container and cook till rice become delicate totally.

7. Serve the hot mushroom rice quickly with any curry either meat or vegetable, plain yogurt and new vegetable plate of mixed greens.

Note: This is one of the least difficult recipe which can be get ready in brief time frame and is additionally solid uncommonly for the people who need to keep away from meat from their eating routine as mushroom is the best substitute for meat. So mushroom diet is best for veggie lovers to repay proteins in their eating regimen.

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